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Kind Mutant
Sex Female
Occupation TBA
Eyes Moderate pistachio
Light brilliant red
Strong gold (scalera)
Mane Moderate cerulean
Light brilliant sapphire blue
Brilliant cornflower blue
Pale, light grayish cyan
Coat Moderate purple
Light magenta
Nicknames Ash, Clashy, Lash
Relatives Crystallia (Mother)

Rail Road (Father)
Slash (Sister)
Various animals from the Everfree Forest ("adoptive parents")

Cutie mark

A brick wall hit with strong force
Voice Ellen McLain
Owner User:Clesta The Winged Wolf and User:AbsolTheHiroPone
Clash is a purple female mutant pony from Canterlot. She currently lives in the Everfree Forest.

Characteristics and Biography

Generic Info

Raised by animals, Clash has a variety of powers, examples are: Enchanced Reflexes, Animal communication, stronger sense of smell, and able to see at night. She loves to live in the Everfree Forest and protects the animals in the Everfree, since she's been raised by them.


Clash has a split personality, she can switch from happy, to sad, to angry. Clash also has a wild side to her when she see wildlife or trees, due to the fact that she was raised by animals.


Clash is a purple mutant pony with a discolored magenta right leg and a discolored magenta right hoof. She has draconequus eyes, bat wings, an alicorn horn, cat pony ears, unusually long hair, and a shorter tail.


Before Clash was born, the doctors injected mutant DNA in her mother to prevent Clash from dying at birth. However, this changed her appearance completely. She looked nothing like her parents.

After Clash was born, her parents didn't really like her that much, as Clash seemed to ruin the family. As other ponies said to her mother, "Is that even your foal?" Or "Your foal looks weird, what did you do to her?". Clash's parents then finally decided to abandon her in the Everfree Forest so they can't have any more insults.

As the years went by, Clash was raised by animals in the Everfree Forest. This gained her various powers, however, her powers can go out of control by just the thought of her parents.



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