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Corn Field

Corn Field

Kind Satyr pony
Sex Female
Occupation Corn Farmer
Eyes Pale purple
Mane Sapphire bluish gray

Light brilliant vermilion

Coat Light gold

Moderate scarlet

Nicknames Corn, Corny, Field, That Goat Pony
Relatives Carrot Field (father)

Celery Stalk (mother)

Wheat Field (older sister)

Cutie mark
Corn field CM

A corn on top of a field

Owner User:Clesta The Winged Wolf

Characteristics and Biography

Generic Info

Corn Field is a satyr pony, meaning she's part goat. Although this makes her an outcast, she's an excellent farmer and works everyday.  Hence her cutie mark, she is corn farmer, so she harvests corn, but also helps around the farm. She's also very strong and really cares about her family. She's best friends with Aleta Spirit, Tatsu Honoura, Crescent Howl, Flying Feather, and Plasma Fang.


Corn Field is very serious about her job, but she's dependable and will make sacrifices. She also loves her family very much, even if her father is a goat.


Corn Field is a pale yellow satyr pony with a bluish-gray and reddish-orange mane, lavender eyes, yellow fore hooves, her back part is goat, giving her a reddish-brown goat tail and hindquarters, and brown backhooves, she also has a brown cowboy hat, and a bandana.





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