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Flying Feather

Flying Feather

Kind Hippalectryon (Chicken/Horse hybrid)
Sex Female
Occupation Baker
Eyes Vivid raspberry
Mane Light brilliant red

Strong red

Coat Vivid orange

Light brilliant yellow (back legs)

Nicknames Flying, Feather, Fly
Relatives Unknown
Cutie mark
Flying Feather CM

A feather on a pair of wings

Owner User:Clesta The Winged Wolf

Characteristics and Biography

Generic Info

Flying Feather is a Hippalectryon, meaning she's a hybrid of a chicken and a pony. She's a baker and likes to bake treats. Unlike her other friends, she takes life seriously and lives in the fullest. She likes to fly around, hence her cutie mark, and is pretty fast. She's best friends with Aleta Spirit, Corn Field, Tatsu Honoura, Crescent Howl, and Plasma Fang.


Flying Feather lives life in the fullest and likes to make ponies happy, even going to extreme measures to do so. She doesn't like to be alone and will go crazy if she's alone for too long.


Flying Feather is an orange Hippalectryon with red and dark red hair, dark pink eyes, a gray marking on her left leg, a yellow marking on her right leg, a rooster tail, chicken back legs, and yellow and gray tip of wings.





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