Kind Earth
Sex Genderless
Occupation Searcher
Eyes Royal Blue
Mane Green, Red, Blue and Yellow
Coat White
Nicknames The Search Engine
Relatives Bing (younger brother)
Cutie mark
The Google Logo
Owner Sabregust
Sabre armed
'Stand your ground!'

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Google is the ponification of the web hub and search engine Google. In the pony world, he is shown as a pecuilar Earth pony with a colourful mane and tail. He is one of the Webponies .

His job in both the human and pony worlds is to help ponies and humans search and find information across the world easily and quickly. He is known amongst his fellow Webponies as the wisest of them, because of his power in the internet. He is also able to persaude other webponies to follow his way, yet sometimes he annoys them due to his radical approuches or his lack of imagination when dealing with a problem.

He is the holder of the Element of Wisdom, due to his immense knowledge of the worlds gathered from his searches.


  • He is part of an ongoing project to ponify famous internet sites. 
  • Even though he is genderless, he is refered to as a male.
  • Google follows Rule 63 of the internet. He is genderless, but can change his appearance to be male or female at will, though, he prefers to be male.
  • Google represents the web hub, Google, and internet search engines
  • His species is a pun on the Google application, Google Earth. (He is a Earth pony)
  • He has a younger brother named Bing , who constantly tries to be better than him in his searching ability, yet, normally to no avail.
  • His ability to persuade relates to Google owning or in partnership with many other websites, and his annoying attitude is related to the release of Google+.
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