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Iced Tea

Iced Tea

Go home Tea, you're drunk

Iced Tea the crazed buttstabber

Iced Tea and her craziness

Kind Alicorn

Unicorn (artwork mistake) Earth Pony (artwork mistake) Pegasus (artwork mistake)

Sex Female ♀
Eyes Dark Brown
Mane Chocolate Brown
Coat Light Cinnamon
Nicknames Tea
Theme song
"White Rabbit"-Jefferson Airplane Lyrics

"White Rabbit"-Jefferson Airplane Lyrics

Cutie mark
Iced Tea's cutie mark

Cider Mug

Voice Laurie Elliot (when speaking normally)

Katie Crown (when insane)

Owner Greatness The NightWing
 Iced Tea is a semi-alcoholic (she drinks a lot of hard cider)


She was born into a family of drug users. Her mom was the only one who didn't use drugs. Her dad constantly smoked weed. Her older brother was always on LSD. Tea's mom moved into a new house and took Tea with her. They both lived drug-free for several years. Tea loved the clean life. That is, until her 21st birthday when her mom died and she turned to alcohol, constantly drinking hard cider and lemonade. She kept half of her sanity. One day, she met a stoner named Pepper Sauce. Pepper asked Tea to play a game of checkers with him. Tea said yes, and she won the game. Pepper was impressed that he was beat for the first time. After 4 months, they ended up in a relationship.

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