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"What are you doing? Stop it. Just stop it."

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My name is Khan, a tiger griffin hybrid...happy to see me?

–Khan, Introducing himself

Khan Griffith

What Khan normally looks like

Kind Tigriff (Tiger Griffin hybrid)
Sex Male
Occupation Comedian
Eyes Brilliant cerulean
Mane Light brilliant orange
Coat Light brilliant orange



Vivid orange

Nicknames Kha, The Tigriff
Relatives Gilda (cousin)
Cutie mark
Owner User:Clesta The Winged Wolf

Characterisitcs and Biography

Generic Info

Khan is an orange Tigriff (a mixture of a Tiger and a Griffin). He works as a Comedian and like watching movies, mostly Comedies. Khan is also friends with Pinkie Pie because they both have much in common, but one difference is that Khan is a comedian and Pinkie Pie is a party animal.


Khan is a happy-go-lucky, open-minded, and hyperactive Tigriff. He sometimes can get TOO hyperactive and can accidently destory someone's fun.


Khan is an orange Tigriff with messy hair, white belly mark, black stripes, large dark orange wings, light blue eyes, and yellow beak and forlegs.



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