Onyx is a fan character created by FourIsMyQueen. A distinct feature of his is that he has DID, previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder, causing ridicule and laughter from peers and others. Before he had DID, he was still made fun of for other reasons. He is very much a victim of bullying.


As a child, Onyx was bullied a lot at school, simply because of how he was academically brilliant and his Cutie mark didn’t make sense at the time. It got so extreme to the point that, one day, he had formed a severe case of DID. He now has to live with three people all in his body at once.


Onyx: himsel. Shy, kind and smart. Light blue aura and very friendly. 15 years old. Male

Moonlight: Assertive, calculated and very downright. Light purple aura and 18 years old. Male

Dodge: Unpredictable, urban and sporty. Light green aura and 14 years. Harder to control.



Kind Earth pony
Sex Male
Occupation Student
Eyes Blue/Purple/Green
Mane Blonde
Coat Red
Nicknames Wimp, know it all
Cutie mark
3 dots. One blue, one green, one purple.
Owner FourIsMyQueen
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