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The square route of 8895 through 12 is 30813.1838667!

–Pocahontas, trying to act smart

Pocahontas Prower

Pocahontas, the unicorn-fox hybrid

As a filly

Kind Unicorn-Two tailed fox hybrid
Sex Female
Occupation Astrophysist
Eyes Vivid cerulean
Mane Vivid azure
Brilliant orange
Coat Pale, light grayish mulberry
Brilliant tangelo
Very, very light gray
Nicknames Poca, Poco
Relatives Tails the Fox (father)
Twilight Sparkle (mother)
Cutie mark
Pocahontas cutie mark

A reddish-purple shooting star with a white comet tail, and yellow sparkles

Owner User:Clesta The Winged Wolf

Characteristics and Biography

Generic Info

Pocahontas is a unicorn-fox hybrid. She is the daughter of Tails the Fox and Twilight Sparkle, and possibly the only daughter. She rarely sees her father, Tails, worrying her sometimes. Poca secretly has a crush on Speedbolt. Her assistant is Jewel.

She can use her two tails to fly, instead of having wings. Poca can also use magic, but it isn't as advanced has her mothers alicorn magic, but it gives her an advantage to protect herself.


Pocahontas is very smart and clever like both of her parents. She's the voice of reason to other ponies and can get them on the right track. Poca can be grumpy when she doesn't get what she wants, and can get aggressive if stayed that way. Like her mother, she can worry alot.


Pocahontas is a pale purple and orange unicorn-two tailed fox hybrid. She has a pale purple body, light blue eyes, orange fox ears, orange patch around her flank, orange tails with white tips, a blue and orange mane, white fluffs on the side of her face, a white belly, and red hooves.




After Sonic and Rainbow Dash's marriage, Tails grew feelings for Twilight, and did favors for her.





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