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Spirital Swirl

Spiritual Swirl by Rainbow10Dash
By Rainbow10Dash on dA

Kind Draconequus/Alicorn Hybrid
Sex Mare
Occupation Unknown
Eyes Strong rose

Pale, light grayish cornflower blue

Mane Pale, light grayish olive
Coat Light gray

Reddish brownish gray

Nicknames Spirit, Swirl
Relatives Discord (father)

Princess Celestia (father)

Screwball (older sister)

Harmony Essence (older sister)

Cutie mark
A swirl with red, brown ,and light gray markings
Owner User:Clesta The Winged Wolf and User:EnderStevie
Harmony, there's no need to be scared of a crowd!

–Spirital Swirl, to Harmony Essence

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