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Transparency as an Earth Pony


Transparency as an alicorn

Kind Earth Pony (originally)

Pegasus (currently) Alicorn (temporary transformation)

Sex Female ♀
Occupation None
Eyes Sky Blue
Mane None
Coat Light cyan
Nicknames Tranny
Theme song
Evanescence-Hello (with lyrics)

Evanescence-Hello (with lyrics)

Cutie mark
Voice Kristen Schaal
Owner Greatness The NightWing
Transparency is a mare who is blind, transparent, and somewhat jumpy.


She was born blind and transparent. This is due to a birth defect. Her parents were scared and worried that she would die. When she reached the age of 5, she had gained no hair, which sent her parents completely horrified. Other than this, Transparency lived a happy life. She had plenty of friends and the other ponies never picked on her, in fact, she was rather popular. The colts were asking her how she was transparent in the first place, and of course, Transparency had no idea. One day, her parents took her to a highly professional hospital. One of the doctors simply said "There's nothing wrong with her. She's just a happy, transparent pony. There's nothing we can really do about it." Transparency's parents were still worried about her. Many years later, Transparency's mom suddenly went sick. She was diagnosed with strep throat. She died 5 weeks before Transparency's 16th birthday. Transparency's father was very sad about this. He missed her very much. He took care of Transparency since then. He died when Transparency turned 19. Transparency now lives a free life, no occupation to hold her back. She spends her day mostly with her friends.


Little is known about her personality because she is rarely ever seen except by her friends. When she sees a stranger, she flies and hides in the clouds. 


  • She was transformed into a pegasus by rolling around in some Poison Joke.
  • She doesn't speak due to her throat being majorly fogged up. She does speak when she is around mint leaves or when she eats something minty. 

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