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Kind Pegasus Ahuizotl Hybrid
Sex Female
Eyes Green
Mane Blueish Purple
Coat Light Gold and Light Blue Wings
Nicknames Ab, Abbes
Relatives Ahuizotl (Father)
Daring Do (Mother)

Abayomi is the daughter of Daring Do and Ahuizotl. Abayomi is the best friend of Harmonic Sparkle and Lucky.


Abayomi is the daughter of Daring Do and Ahizoltl. For years Daring Do hid her daughter from the public in fear of the fans reaction on how she was in love with Ahuizotl. Soon Daring and Ahuizotl agreed that Abayomi is more important than Daring's fan base and finally made their relationship public, along with their child who they enrolled into school. Some fans were disgusted that Daring Do would love Ahuizotl and have a child, while some loved the idea. But Abayomi's problems were just starting. Many of the children would find her tail scary and how she used it to write and more. Abayomi became a social outcast until she met Lucky and Harmonic Sparkle. Thus a close friendship was born