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Yo hi hello, just wanna let you know that Ace Azimuth, belongs to This Lombax over here so please do not change anything about it without her permission. K thanks.

Ace Azimuth
Kind Lombax pony
Sex Female
Occupation Traveller
Eyes Strong orchid
Mane Very dark grey
Brilliant megenta
Coat Medium grey
Very dark grey
Dark grey
Medium grey
Medium grey
Light grey
Nicknames Ace, AA, Azimuth, Azi.
Relatives All deceased
Cutie mark
Owner User:AbsolTheHiroPone

Ace Azimuth is a Lombax pony who lives alone travelling across Equestria. Like Golden Bolt, all her family were killed long ago and she was the only one to escape.



Ace is cold, sassy and "salty". First impressions don't look good when she's first approached, however continue to speak to her and you'll eventually gain her trust and loyalty, provided you're nice to her. Cold, snobby and opinionated, Azimuth proves to be a tough cookie.


Ace is a hybrid between a Lombax and a pony, and because of this has many Lombax features. She has long Lombax ears, Lombax stripes, Lombax tail and a Lombax nose. Her coat is greyscale, the only colours being purple in her hair and eyes.


  • She is User:AbsolTheHiroPone's Pridesona, meaning she represents her orientation, which is Demi-heteromantic Asexual.
    • Demiromantic means someone who is romantically attracted to someone once a close bond has been formed. Heteromantic means someone who is romantically attracted to the opposite sex. And asexual means someone who does not experience sexual attraction.
  • Her name is very inspired by other things. "Ace" being a term used to describe asexuals and "Azimuth" being the last name of the character "Alister Azimuth" from the video game series "Ratchet and Clank".