Acoustic muffin

Name: Acoustic Muffin

Race: Pegasis

Gender: Male

Cutie mark: Acoustic guitar

Talent: musically skilled

Acoustic Muffin is a yellow pegasis. He is often very quite and is quite socially isolated and because of this, not alot is known about him. He was abandoned shortly after birth. The owner a music shop found the young pony and took him in to raise himself, although after several years, he passed on.

After the death of his guardian, Acoustic took a guitar from the store and left. Since then ponies have rarely seen him. He has been spotted several times at a small lake, sitting on a tree branch playing guitar, however he never plays infront of anypony if he knows they are listening. He has also been seen playing a harp in the clouds. It is said that you can hear the pain of his past within his music.

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