Acrobolt (Strype)
Acrobolt 2
Kind Pegasi
Sex Male
Occupation Researcher
Eyes Blue
Mane White and Grey
Coat Black and Grey
Nicknames Strype
Cutie mark
Book and Quill
Acrobolt is a young adult male pegasi, born and raised in Cloudsdale, who was very fascinated with nature, and specifically, how it worked. While he lived in Cloudsdale, he studied all of the known information on the subject without relent, and when he became older, he was the smartest pony in his family, even exceeding his father at that age, who was a philosopher. He applied for college, but he was turned down because he was to young. His solution was to travel to Ponyville, and for him it would be quite the mile stone, for he had never stepped hoof outside of Cloudsdale before, and, surprisingly, neither had his parents. However, despite that, and the fact that he had just grown from fillyhood, his parents approved of it, saying it would be good for his mental and physical development, and so thats where his real story begins. He has a friendly personality, and is quick to warm up to others, plus he does not have any enemies, since he is a born pacifist at heart, and avoids conflict if possible. Despite his extensive knowledge of science and philosophy, he has only basic skills with magic, and does not know any offensive magic, only defensive, healing, and passive magic. Despite that he is a pegasi, and they are known for being colorful, his natural coloring is black, grey, and white, and when he was born, they thought it was a birth or genetic defect, considering that both of his parents were some of the most colorful ponies on there block, and still, no one can seem to figure out why he was born this way considering his heritage. However, despite his birth defect, or what ever it is, he is very persistent in his pursuit of knowledge. Most of his friends just call him Strype, due to his striped pattern. When he came to Ponyville, he heard about the Equestrian Labarotories, and how full of information they were, and he thought it would be good idea to check it out, but he didnt find out it was where the rebellion was based there until they caught him and forced him to join there flight squad, the Cloudbusters, and he is still going through training at the moment.


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