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Adrianna "Derp" Steen
Oooohh bubbles by sublit-d681x4w
Kind Alicorn
Sex Female
Eyes Brown
Mane Brown
Coat Blue
Nicknames Derp, Adri (Short Name)
Cutie mark
Owner User: Sublit

"I wish my eye was a camera, there are just so many inspiring things out in world that I never have my camera to capture". - Adrianna "Derp" Steen


Adrianna is a light blue talented alicorn with a reasonable attitude, she also has mixed emotions, one minute she might be furious, the next, she might be joyful. Adrianna is mostly shy and sensitive, well, if you dont know her. If you know Adrianna well, you would know that she is not afraid to act crazy, and she will always try to make her friends happy by throwing jokes at them once in awhile. Adrianna will also help anypony in need, but not if they are not nice to her, she will ignore them. Adrianna was really shy in her first day of Ponyville, which was the beginning of 2012, and she wouldnt talk to anyone except her parents acrossed the Ponyline. But on the second day, she started making friends and being less shy with every friend she made. She then got into the gaming world, getting a bit more agressive. Adrianna went to The Annual Xbox Brony Convention, and met her PFF, Marisa Ariel Dempsey.


Adrianna has alot of Talents. Drawing is one. Adrianna has been drawing since she learned to hold a pencil, and she doesnt know how the hay she even learned to hold a pencil with her hooves. Adrianna draws whatever and whenever she wants. Sometimes she just doesnt feel like drawing for a day, or sometimes she feels like drawing how many drawings she wants. Writing is also another talent of Adrianna's. She has been complemented ever since she was a filly in kindergarden, that her writing blew her teachers minds. Adrianna also has one more talent, making jewerely. Adrianna recently learned this talent, about a month ago. She saw her friends mom making earings and necklaces with wires and beads, so she tried that, instead, she made rings completely from strach. Her friends saw her rings, and started asking for prices and actually buying my rings. Adrianna has no idea how the rings actaully even fit on her hooves.. Oh well :)

Pc for sublit by nekouteki-d68euw8

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