Aerial Blaze

Aerial Blaze

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Aerial acrobatics performer
Voice User:MysteriosoPony
Owner User:MysteriosoPony

Aerial Blaze was Mysterioso's only friend throughout her fillihood in Cloudsdale. She still lives in Cloudsdale, whilst Mysterioso moved to Ponyville, so the two don't get to meet up very often anymore.


Aerial has an electric red coat, a fringed mint-green mane and a tail and eyes of the same colour.


She is somewhat clumsy and awkward both on hoof and socially. However, her friendliness greatly outweighs her social awkwardness, so it only shines through in small bursts when she is talking to others. She is kind, loyal, brave and dependable. Also, she is known to be very silly and optimistic, so others love to be around her.


Aerial knew from a very young age that she wanted to fly. She lived with her mother, father, younger sister and grandmother, and was always eager for her Cutie Mark. She and her sister always put on mini flying shows for their grandmother on the front lawn and raced each other constantly. Their grandmother, old and unable to fly very well herself by this point, was in awe of both of them. However, it soon became evident that Aerial's sister was a faster flyer than she was. Deciding flying at speed wasn't her forte, Aerial attended Wonderbolt's Academy to see what area of flying she specialized in. She soon discovered the pleasures of aerial acrobatics; performing tricks and somersaults in the air. For once she felt graceful and dignified and everyone complimented her on her skills. Then, at a particularly young age, she received her Cutie Mark. Due to her time spent at the academy, she was late to start school. She was put in the same class as Mysterioso, and the two became fast friends. When she reached adulthood, Aerial had started to become well-known locally. She was asked to perform tricks in the air at many social occasions, as well as teaching her skills to younger fillies part-time. However, by then she was becoming lonely, as Mysterioso, her closest friend had moved away from Cloudsdale. She saw kindness deep within Mysterioso's former enemy, Bullet Streak, so despite his arrogance and rude nature, she befriended him and brought out his secret, kinder side.

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