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Ahuizotl by emberfiremane-d5anf8r
Ahuizotl from the Daring Do series
Kind Ahuizotl
Sex Male
Occupation Member of the Enmity Organization

Professional Thief

Eyes Black with pale, light grayish olive sclera
Mane Very dark sapphire blue with Dark grayish phthalo blue highlights
Coat Brilliant cerulean
Dark grayish persian blue
Voice Brian Drummond Ahuizotl_-_And_now_you_shall_meet_your_doom
Owner User:Otherside86 & Cindy Morrow
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Ahuizotl is the arch nemesis of Daring Do.


Ahuizotl was originally a one-time character in the episode Read It an Weep from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show. Until he was proven real in Daring Don't.

User:Otherside86 made use of this character by giving him a role in his Fandom.


Ahuizotl is a greedy and cunning treasure thief, he would steal treasure from Daring Do and other ponies, and place them in death traps so they wouldn't stop him. Ahuizotl also has a laid-back and cocky attitude, and he likes to taunt his enemies to throw them off-guard, though with limited success. When he is not on a mission, then he occasionally enjoys eavesdropping on his fellow Organization members. He relies on instinct rather than on intelligence when fighting, making him adaptable and unpredictable in battle.

He is such a sore loser when the owner steal their treasures back from him and is also a cat-lover.

Powers and abilities

Though he does not possess any special powers, Ahuizotl is incredibly strong, fast and has some very devastating attacks. He always battles using trickery. Some time using his armies (fiercer cats) to defeat the enemy, same like when he stole a sapphire diamond from Daring Do, the treasure hunter in the books.


Daring Do

Main article: Ahuizotl

Ahuizotl appears as a fictional character within the book Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone. He is shown to be Daring Do's main antagonist in the book. But in final, Ahuizotl own diamond has stoled by Daring Do in the final chapter of the book.

Joining Enmity

The Enmity Organization thought they can use his thieving skills for their operations, and for that reason he was made into one of the member of the Organization.

Other versions=

Ahuizotl was conjured out of the book by the Dark magic practitioners of the Enmity Organization. When he first encountered the six main ponies and the Knights they were all surprised to the fact that he has become real. He actually mistaken Rainbow Dash for Daring Do at first.

In many of their countless encounters, they has been able to defeat him through Rainbow Dash's knowledge of the Daring Do books.