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"Ain't Life Tweet?" is the third episode of the My Little Pony meets Looney Tunes Mini-Series.


While Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity are laid up in the hospital, Fluttershy looks after a little canary bird by the name of Tweety. But soon she also takes care of a granny's pet cat by the name of Sylvester. But when Tweety tawt he taws a certain puddy tat, what will happen?


With Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity in the hospital, Twilight gives Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy an important mission: Be on the look out for any animals that aren't acting like regular animals. (Most animals are considered to be Looney Tunes.)

As the two ponies head over to Fluttershy's house, they see a golden bird cage with a little yellow canary inside it. There is also a message that says:

To the owner of this establishment,

Please take good care of my little pet canary, Tweety Pie, or 'Tweety' for short.

He won't keep you from whatever it is your doing, but just remember to look out for him.

I'll be back to pick him up later. Thank you for your service.


P.S. - Be on the lookout for my other pet, Sylvester. He is a cat and we all know why cats and birds don't belong together. Just make sure to keep Tweety away from Sylvester.

Realizing they have a guest staying with Fluttershy, she and Pinkie Pie allow Tweety to stay for a while. They even let him play in a birdbath. But while the two ponies go to find some bird seed for Tweety, a certain sly cat who goes by the very name of Sylvester, was walking by when he notices Tweety! He then creeps up to the bird bath, but as he gets close, Tweety suddenly notices something very strange.

"I don't know if I'm wight about dis or not, but... Just bahtween you and me..." Tweety said and then states: "I tawt I taw a puddy tat."

Sylvester slowly rises from behind Tweety, ready to catch him.

"I DEED! I DEED! I DEED TEE A PUDDY TAT!" Tweety exclaims!

Just before Sylvester could grab Tweety, the bird flies out of the birdbath and makes a hasty retreat! But not before Sylvester chases after him!

By the time Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy come back with the bird seed, they notice that Tweety is gone! But they see little bird footprints and big cat footprints! They soon realize that Tweety is being chased by a cat, which turns out to be Sylvester! The two ponies then try to find the two pets before anything bad can happen.

Meanwhile, Sylvester chases Tweety throughout Ponyville. Tweety makes decides to hide in a Dog Pound enclosure in which he finds a nest at the top of a wooden pole. Sylvester, not wanting to get mauled by the dogs, decides to prep various plans to try and get Tweety:

  1. First, he tries using stilts to walk harmlessly above the dogs. But just as he made to the nest, Tweety gives the dogs some tools to cut the stilts down to size; Sylvester tries to make a hasty retreat but ends up just short at the gate.
  2. Then he uses another stilt, but a pogo-stick variation of it. He was able to get to Tweety's nest and catch him. As he is about to pogo away, Tweety calls out for help. Luckily, Hector the Bulldog was part of the dog pack within the pound. So Hector exits the enclosure, gets ahead of Sylvester and opens up a manhole cover. Sylvester falls into the manhole and he nicely makes Tweety escape but, Hector drops the lid with 4 holes on Sylvester's head.
  3. Deciding to fire with fire, or... Dogs with Dogs, Sylvester orders an ACME Robo-Guard Dog Kit to use against the dogs. Once he builds the robot dog, he tests it by having it wags its tail, bark and howl. But when Sylvester tries to order the robot dog to attack the dog plushes (used for target practice), it attacks him, so he destroys it with a mallet.
  4. Then he orders a can of ACME Invisibility Spray. He sprays himself invisible and he easily sneaks past the dogs, climbs the pole, grabs Tweety and then tries to sneak away with him. Tweety wonders why he is floating. Just then, Hector comes over and sprays Sylvester with a can of green spray paint, who then forces him to give him Tweety and then whistles to the other dogs and points to Sylvester. The dogs then maul Sylvester until he's booted out of the dog pound.
  5. With the Dog Pound now secured tightly and with signs posted that read 'NO CATS ALLOWED' and 'KEEP OUT OF TWEETY'S NEST', Sylvester decides to try more sneakier methods. First, he tries to launch himself with Pinkie Pie's Party Cannon. However, he replaces all confetti and streamers with gunpowder and wadding. But just as Sylvester was about to soar towards Tweety's nest, the cannon actually blasts him into the ground after Hector faces the cannon down into the ground by removing a branch that was holding it in place.
  6. Sylvester then tries to make a makeshift rocket-plane pack that could help him fly up to Tweety's Nest. But the rocket explodes and sets Sylvester on fire.

Finally, Sylvester has had it. He yells up to Tweety!


Tweety, unfazed by Sylvester's threat, says...

Tweety: "You don't tare me, you bad ol' puddy tat! Hector and his fwiends won't let you anywhere near me!"


Sylvester then retaliates by making a "NIKE" Rocket Missile that is designed to intercept Tweety's nest and destroy it. But when Tweety sees that Sylvester lights the fuse to the rocket missile, he bails out of the nest and desperately tries to fly away only to flutter down out of the dog pound's range and onto the ground. As soon as Sylvester sees Tweety, he tries to chase after him. Hector also notices this and starts chasing after Sylvester!

Meanwhile, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie were trying to find Tweety, only to see him being chased by Sylvester, who is also being by Hector. Then they, too, try to chase after them, hoping to stop their quarrel.

The rocket-missiles launches off from the ground and bursts through Tweety's nest, the rocket-missile then soars across the air and then starts heading downwards, all the way to the Ponyville Hospital!

At that moment, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity were finally discharged. But before they could do anything, Applejack spots something in the sky!


It was the "NIKE" Rocket Missile that Sylvester launched and it was headed right toward them! The four ponies run for cover as the rocket missile makes impact by impaling into the ground until it runs out rocket fuel. Rarity who approaches the "NIKE" Rocket Missile, realizes that the weapon was a fluke.

Rarity: "I'm no weapons engineer, but whosoever made this wretched weapon did not do a really good job. From what I can see, it must be a DUD."

But when Rarity said 'dud', the rocket missile explodes! Causing both her mane and tail to be disintegrated once again, which once again, makes Rarity cry in an overdramatic and frustrated fashion.


At that moment, Tweety, Sylvester and Hector run by.




When Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity heard those three animals talking, they realized that they were no ordinary animals, but Looney Tunes characters! After scolding Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy about failing to realize that those three animals were Looney Tunes characters. And so, Twilight and her friends then started chasing after Hector, Sylvester and Tweety. The chase goes on with the three animals running from house to house and building to building, making the Mane Six go from one place to another, trying to catch the three animals.

And then soon enough, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity have surrounded Hector, Sylvester and Tweety.

Tweety: "We're twapped!"

Sylvester: "Well, at least, I get to have one last meal before we're pummeled by ponies."

Tweety: "Hectah, do tometing!"

Hector: "Uhhhhhh, I can't hit goils, boid. Even if dey're ponies!"

Sylvester: "Don't worry about it, bird! You won't have to get beaten up, 'cuz I'll be eatin' ya up shortly!"

Tweety: "You bad ol' puddy tat! Oh, I wish Dwanny was heah to tave us! DWANNY, HELLLLLLLLLLLP!"

Twilight: "Don't even try calling for help! We have you surrounded! No one will help you now!"

But just when things were looking their blackest, an old lady's voice yelled out.


And Twilight was first to get whomped in the head by a umbrella!

The other three ponies were confused to see Twilight getting whomped, but when they, Hector, Sylvester and Tweety turn around, they see that Granny had arrived. Then Granny started to wham Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity repeatedly. Soon enough, the four ponies were umbrella'd to a pulp and Granny's umbrella was now broken and crooked.

Granny: "I really need to get a different blunt object."

Tweety: "Dwanny! You came!"

Granny: "I was coming to pick you, Hector and Sylvester up, but when I saw these bad girl ponies chasing after you, I knew something was wrong."

Then Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie arrived. But Granny scolded then, including Fluttershy who told her that she wasn't supposed to let Tweety out of his cage and get chased by Sylvester. Luckily, Hector was there to protect Tweety. But since Fluttershy is friends with Twilight and the others, Granny vows to never let her petsit her pets ever again, which makes Fluttershy very sad.

With that being said and done, Granny then has Tweety fly up to her shoulder. She then scolds Sylvester for once again, trying to chase after Tweety. But since her umbrella is broken, she can't give him a beating. So instead, she tells her pets that it's time to go back home. However, Hector decides to talk to Sylvester.

Hector: "Considah yerself lucky, cat. You may have caught Tweety, but at least ya didn't eat him this time. But you and I are gonna have a lil' chat when we get back home. It'll be just you... me... and my good friends, Mr. Right and Mrs. Lefty. (raises both fists)"

Sylvester: (facepalms) "Thufferin' Thuccatash! Why can't I ever win?"

And as Granny and her pets went on their way, Fluttershy is depressed that she failed her pet sitting job. But Pinkie Pie decides that maybe she can help cheer Pound and Pumpkin Cake up as this is the time of day that she would help babysit them while she tells them another one of her "Pinkie Tales".

Fluttershy: "What about Twilight and the others?"

Pinkie Pie: "We'll stop by the hospital and tell the medics that there's been an incident involving a umbrella thrashing."

And so, as Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy walk away, Twilight and the other three ponies, being dazed from the beatings they've received from Granny, notice a bunch of imaginary birds flying all around them. Just then, the imaginary birds look down at the ponies. And to their surprise, they look at each other before turning to the audience and saying in unison:


The four then try to chase away the birds or catch them as this episode comes to a close.

End of Episode 4.


This episode reuses gags from "Ain't She Tweet", "Tweet and Lovely" and "The Jet Cage"


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