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Alathea Andrea Cali

Alathea PM
Alathea as a pony

Honesty Element
Alathea as the element of honesty

Kind Unicorn Pony
Sex Female/Mare
Occupation Oracle/Student of Celestia
Eyes Moderate sap green
Mane Moderate phthalo blue
Light brilliant cyan
Coat Light brilliant amber
Nicknames Ala, Andrea, CalCal, Ala-la, Double A, Andie, Andy
Relatives Princess Celestia ("sister")
Princess Luna ("sister")
AppleJack ("cousin")
Magic Aura Light brilliant phthalo blue
Owner Pandora

Alathea Andrea Cali is the oracle of all of Equestria. She serves as Princess Celestia's right hand as also as a student. She is also the embodiment of AppleJack's element: Honesty.


Alathea is a very strange pony. She has three personalities throughout the year. This gave her the nickname "Three Faces" because each personality turns her into a different person every time.

Sorrowful: Alathea is always sad and moping around during the months of: January, February, March, and April.

Deception: At this time of year in summer, she manipulates ponies and trick them to do wrong/think wrong. This happens during the months of: May, June July, and August.

Honesty, Loyalty: Alathea is always honest and loyal to anybody who she comes across. Months: September, October, November, and December.


Celestia and Luna accidentally tampered with AppleJack's element and it "gave birth" to the living soul of Alathea. They both took her in as their sister and Celestia also started teaching Alathea as her student. When the spirits found out about this accident, Celestia pleaded with them so Alathea could still live. The gods let it slide for this time.

When the spirits told Alathea that she was the oracle (they saw potential in her as the oracle), she was thrilled to have such a gift. She used her gift for her own purpose and not for others. (Which was what she was supposed to do) The spirits gotten angry at her and then cursed her so that nobody could ever figure her out. This curse gave her three personalities. There is one way to break the curse: finding true love. But she wouldn't know of this until she was 14. Ever since then, Alathea has never been the same.


  • Alathea is from Greek mythology.
  • Her name can also be spelled as "Aletheia"
  • Her name in Greek is Αλήθεια
  • Aletheia in mythology is a goddess of truth. She also has three sides of herself hence that is why she has three personalities through out the year.