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Aleksey Vagdko
Алексей Вагдко
Kind Human
Sex Male
Occupation Politician
Eyes Black
Nicknames Sir Alex
Cutie mark
Democrat Symbol DemocraticPartyOfEquestria

President of the Opposition Aleksey Mikhailovich Vagdko (Russian: Алексей Михайлович Вагдко) is a 47-year old opposition leader of the Russian Bloc of the Political situation involving Equestria, even including humans into the mix. He is the president of the Russian Democratic Party of Equestria

Law approval[]

Because he's the leader of the opposition in the Russia Bloc of Equestria, laws passed by the Communist Party of Equestria has to be verified and approved by him first, before being signed. He became a member of the opposition in June 2019, when he lost to Vyacheslav Prygatsev.

He did not lose the title of President, but obtained the title of President of the Opposition, which is a title for the opposition party in general.


Prior to Vyacheslav Prygatsev's election into power, he was president of the Russia Bloc of Equestria, so he became a member of the opposition once Vyacheslav Prygatsev was appointed into power in June 2019.

He did attend school, however, he claims full citizenship in Equestria, and he had met Pinkie Pie, greeting her with a good handshake, and he was also a reliable president, passing laws anyways, which is a factor for his long reign as president of the Russia Bloc of Equestria.

He has a law degree, and attended University, along with Canterlot High School.


He is personally great friends with Vyacheslav Prygatsev, and he's rather a kind man, although he can be quite sociable across the political party spectrum, so pay attention about him entirely!