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Alexander Kruptorenko
Александр Крупторенко
Kind Human
Sex Male
Occupation Politician
Eyes Black
Nicknames Colonel Alexander
Cutie mark
Democrat Symbol DemocraticPartyOfEquestria

Secretary Alexander Alexandrovich Kruptorenko (Russian: Александр Александрович Крупторенко, née Kuzmakhov: Кузмахов) is a 55-year old secretary of state for the Russian Democratic Party of Equestria. He legally changed his surname to "Kruptorenko" because he appreciated the surname better than his surname given at birth.


He was born in Sverdlovsk, (now Yekaterinburg), but later moved on to attend the political situation involving the Russian Bloc in general, so he decided to join the Russian Democratic Party of Equestria.

He attended school as usual, but later recieved a law degree in general, which was required for him to learn about certain things about his entire career, so this is speaking like a great life for him in general.

He was a Soviet official who became a Russian politician, but never got himself involved in Communism entirely, despite wearing such clothing in general.


He is quite generous with Aleksey Vagdko, and this helped him gain a career as a Secretary of State by himself. Of course, he shows pride towards politics and works full time anyways by his side.