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Alpine, the Medical officer pony




Pegasus *flightless



Cutie Mark

Red Medical Cross


A bit pathetic. Has social anxiety disorder. Not very skilled in flight he prefers to spend his time on the ground wandering around his mountain home, looking for new medicines and adding onto his shelter. Occasionally tries to go to Ponyville, he generally just stays on the outside roads and the edges of festivals. Only person he knows well enough is the pharmascist in town, whom he supplies with medicines and bindings he has created. After all, someone needs to make it right?


Entered the area after being discharged from the military after his service was done. Alpine helped with Aid in areas affected by natural disasters.

==Other Info==

Is one of the most skilled doctors in the area, especially in a pinch. Got his Cutie Mark after he stopped his friend from dying in an afterschool accident involving a block of wood and a large dull kitchen knife. Needless to say his special talent was by no means a lumberjack

Madly in love with both Twilight Sparkle AND Fluttershy. Won't ever tell them though.

Alpine in the bookstore

Alpine in the local library. He doesn't have the courage to actually talk to anyone, but he admires Twilight Sparkle in here frequently.