Amalgam Refuse
Amalgam Refuse
Amalgam Refuse
Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Bio-hazardous Waste Management Specialist
Eyes Pale Pink
Mane Dark Grayish Tangelo
Coat Pale, Light Grayish Gold with Medium Gray spots
Cutie mark
Bio Cutie Mark
A Black and Yellow Bio-hazard Symbol
Voice Jason Marsden
Owner User:Otherside86

Amalgam Refuse is a pegasus Bio-hazardous Waste Management Specialist and part of the Steed 6.


His design was based off of a miner named Dusty Canary. But he was then repurposed into Amalgam Refuse.


Amalgam is in charge of cleaning up pollution and collecting hazardous waste from throughout Equestria; even smoke and the fumes in the air. He can choose to dispose of them or re-purpose them into something more efficient. He also has a hobby of taking some samples from his work and bringing them to his private lab where he breaks them down and mixes their chemical compound.


Amalgam Refuse is considered to be very dirty, in every sense of the word. He's got a major rude and obnoxious attitude, but not without a little sensitivity. He would often butt heads with Silver Lining. One reason for being bitter would be that he nearly got Amalgam fired for collecting samples from work and bringing them to his lab.

He has a habit of correcting others for mispronouncing his last name ("re-fuse" instead of "ref-use").

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