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Amber Fires
Amber Fires
Amber Fires- "you're too mainstream"
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Guitarist for Evil Empire
Eyes Brilliant harlequin
Mane Strong red
Moderate red
Coat Light yellow
Relatives A unnamed brother, mother and father
Music theme Sleep now in the fire - Rage against the machine
Cutie mark
Three small suns
Owner User:heavymetalbronie

Amber Fires is the pegasus guitarist in Evil Empire.


A real teenage dirtbag and hipster she dislikes alot of mainstream music (save for a few songs by various musicians), claiming that there is a lot of great material by lesser known (or dated/ once popular) bands that pony folk should listen too.

She often makes the mistake of asking ponies "have you heard of XXXXXX artist" thinking that they will never have heard of it, however she dosen't realise that she's asked about a really popular artist, resulting in minor embarrassment when ponies say "yes I have, they're really popular/cool".

Her normal attitude towards others is relatively positive, but not happy positive (not like most ponies). Rather than saying Hello and hoofshaking she will often say "sup" and like a true bro hold her hoof out for a hoofbump/brohoof (according to her hoofshaking is "far too mainstream")


She is quite tall with an average build for somepony her age. Her coat is pale yellow which emphasizes the rich smouldering colour of her mane. Her cutie mark is comprised of 3 suns that symbol her ability to bring sunshine and happiness where there was rain and gloom.

In terms of her attire she wears a trendy black and white check shirt that has a white hood and black cords (for adjusting the hood). She also has two pairs of earrings, one white/see through and the other is an orange colour and wears a pair of black and white converse shoes.



  • It's a common gag in the series about the absurd amount of jobs she quit. Often ranging from weather mare, shop assistant and on one occasion politician.
  • Although a hipster herself she frowns down on hippie types (whom she calls penniless hippies or bums) the only reason she does this is to show off her role as guitarist in Evil Empire.
  • She is the driving political force of the group, believing that Celestia's system needs a rethink.