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Andrey Vakhdonov

Андрей Вахдонов

Kind Human
Sex Male
Occupation Politician
Eyes Black
Nicknames Secretary Vakhdonov
Cutie mark
Communist Hammer and Sickle
Communist Logo

Secretary Andrey Valentinovich Vakhdonov (Russian: Андрей Валентинович Вахдонов) is a 53 year-old secretary of state within the Communist Party of Equestria, along with Vyacheslav Prygatsev


He was born in Voronezh, but later moved part-time to Equestria himself, so he made himself a great career upon supporting communist ideologies as a whole, although he never intended to contact any more ponies.

He attended university as usual, graduating with a degree in animal biology and law, as he did study with his classmates about the community of MLP in general, except that he was a man. Regardless, he is also a surprisingly interesting guy.


He almost never smiles, but he's always focusing towards laws, and also politics, but he doesn't like the facts that Putin was elected into power, so he did work with Vyacheslav Prygatsev earlier in his life in general.

Election into power[]

He was elected by Vyacheslav Prygatsev to become secretary of state to the political movement inside Equestria, he was also elected into power under a 2/3rd majority of successful voting as well, as unlike a Princess, he had to be elected into power by public opinion.