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Angst Eternal
Kind Fury
Unicorn (formerly)
Sex Female
Relatives Grave Penance (sister)
Myriad Rage (sister)
Owner User:Otherside86

Angst Eternal is one of the three Furies, also with her sisters, Grave Penance and Myriad Rage.


Based off of the Erinyes (Furies) from Greek mythology. Angst Eternal is most likely based off of the Fury Alecto, the Goddess of Retribution.

The Furies are a trio of pony-like creatures with mutated features. Angst Eternal is similar to that of a Unicorn. Along with the long unicorn horn on her forehead, she also has two excess curved horn sticking out the sides of her head. She is a great sorceress who uses powerful spell casting on all of her victims.


The Furies are an ancient trio of sisters, blessed with dark magic of rage and power. They pleaded themselves to deliver cruel and unusual punishment to those who deserve it. But their inhumane method of justice have labeled them a threat to Equestria. They had to be sealed away and bound within the pits of Tartarus, where their harmful practices can only be placed on those who are worth their wrath.


Like her sisters, Angst is spiteful and dedicated to punishing those who they deemed guilty. They were harsh, but fair for those who are reasonable. Angst is the most cold and calculating. As the eldest sister, she acts as the leader of the Furies, casting great judgement upon those who are deserving.