Bronies Wiki
FANMADE G5 Apple Sauce
Kind Earth pony
Sex Female
Occupation TBA
Eyes Dark sky blue
Mane Dark red with darker highlights
Coat Leaf green
Relatives Applejack

Apple Bloom
Big Macintosh
Babs Seed (Cousins)
Granny Smith (Grandmother) Apple family

Cutie mark
A zap apple (made by Skeptic Mousey)

Zap apple vector by skeptic mousey-d4lwlub

Owner DiedsenBoy

Applesauce is a female fanmade Earth Pony from Dodge Junction with dark sky blue eyes, dark red mane/tail with darker highlights, a leaf green body and a cutie mark of a zap apple. She is also Applejack, Apple Bloom and Big Macintosh's cousin and visits them every year. She shares her mane design with both Berry Punch and Cherry Berry while her tail design is shared with both Dizzy Twister and Rainbowshine. She is named after one of her relatives, Auntie Applesauce

Background Story[]

Applesauce always lived in Dodge Junction and since small, she had a liking for all kinds of Apples. But she started liking Zap Apples after she saw and ate a Zap Apple cake when she visited the Sweet Apple Acres as a little filly. Since then, she travels every year to Ponyville to help Granny Smith, Applejack, Big Macintosh and Apple Bloom in the harvesting of these curious fruits.

About her[]


She is friendly, strong, trustworthy, eccentric, immature and has a strong character but is often quiet, loving and sensitive. She can be a little dramatic when she doesn't get what she wants, does not accept criticism, doesn't seem to have a sense of privacy and loves to tell stories that are usually interesting, controversial, confusing and very strange. She tends to be the solution to many problems, usually through some sort of equipment.

Trading Card Caption[]

"APPLESAUCE is a Apple Family member from Dodge Junction who loves to eat all kinds of delicacies with the rare Zap Apples. She even got a Zap Apple as a cutie mark in an awesome and interesting story! She likes to spend her time sewing beautiful gifts for her friends and family. If you need an extra helping, just ask her."

Cutie Mark[]

Her Cutie Mark is a Zap Apple. Like her trading card says, She got it in an awesome and interesting story.