Aqua Leaf
Aqua Leaf
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Environmental researcher
Eyes Violet
Mane Sky blue and ice blue
Coat Bright green
Cutie mark
A frangipani flower
Aqua Leaf is a bright green Earth Pony mare with a wavy sky blue and ice blue mane and tail, with violet eyes. Her special talent involves environmental studies and it is also her occupation. She was originally adopted by Fluttershy The Animal Loving Dreamer from Aniju Aura who has also designed by her. 


Early Years

As a foal, Aqua Leaf loved animals and gardening. She would always gush over a new pet of her friends, and gasp in awe at the beauty of flowers. However, she wanted a pet of her own, so she caught a few caterpillars and raised them so they can turn into butterflies. She let them free, but soon she was able to get a puppy, a Chihuahua named Fluffy. She grew up in Ponyville.

Teen Years

Growing up into a teen, she was very smart and also a bit of a nerd, her favourite subject was science and art. She won first place for a science fair one year, and wasn't bullied as much as the other kids. However, she would stand up for them.


Aqua Leaf got a job in environmental research. She began to travel all over Equestria trying to study plants, animals and all living things. She has done many things to save the environment as well. Such as clearing the pollution out of the water, and organising the migration of birds.


Aqua Leaf is very kind and caring, tolerant and loving. She is helpful and very, very intelligent and will crack a joke every now and then. She isn't always that shy, but she will be a little quiet in front of new ponies. Awua Leaf also tends to be highly studious. She loves to help others and she is an enjoyable and pleasant friend, she will stand up for her friends and speak her mind and follow her instincts and heart.


Twilight Sparkle

The two of them hang out very often, and they both enjoy studying and science. Aqua Leaf visits Twilight every week, often requesting a book or helping her with experiments, or just talk about recent studies. They are very close friends, but not exactly 'best' friends.


She likes to talk to this apple-bucking girl about her day, and also gives her advice on trees and how to treat them. Applejack is very interested in Aqua Leaf's studies but would rather not poke her own nose in, but AJ also likes to give some of her apple treats that come from the first batch for free, but she usually has to pay money in an actual sale.


Aqua Leaf is a good friend of Fluttershy's, mainly because they share their equal love of critters and plants. Aqua Leaf visits Fluttershy often to check on her animals and help her out with Fluttershy's flowers.


Animal Companion

Aqua Leaf currently has a pet kitten named Splash.


If roses are red, and violets are blue, does this mean blues are violet?

–- Aqua Leaf

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