Artista is a blue Pokemon-themed art-loving pegasus. She is a light shade of blue and has a pure black mane and tail. However, much like a fox, she has the same 'sock' pattern coming half-way up all of her legs in a neon green colour. Her cutie mark is of a Pokeball and a pencil tilted point to the right on top of it. She wears the same hat as the female protagonist in Pokemon Black and White. She loves drawing cartoons and still-lifes. She is really only good with a pencil and not much of any other medium, but she would be happy to fulfill any request anypony gives her. She is also better known by the name of "Daddles". And, much like Twilight has Spike, she too has a little companion; Neptune the Oshawott. She as well prefers flying to walking. Also if there's anything she loves more than her art and flying is her friends. Some of these ponies are Canvas, Emerl Pegalad, and Apple Butter. Her friends never fail to put a smile on her face whenever she's feeling down.

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