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Aspen branch with three golden leaves


Taking her heritage from her father's side, Aspen is a larger-than-average Mountain-breed Pegasus pony, complete with with the Clydesdale-like feathering on her legs. She is a pale green. Her mane and tail are silver-white with a gold stripe.


Born to an Earth mare (Beryl) and a Pegasus stallion (Diode), Aspen grew up in an earth-based pony village. Despite being a Pegasus-type pony herself, Aspen was long afraid to fly, hiding her fears behind a facade of empathy with the earth-bound pony types. It was only under very heavy prompting that she finally learned, which was, initially, disastrous. Aspen has a tendency to flail when frightened, and badly cut and bruised her own forelegs while kicking madly, trying to run and fly at the same time, usually shortly before crashing, during her first flying lessons. Although now a reliable flyer, she still has a tendency to try to run while flying (it's been a hard habit to break), and often clips her own forelegs with her hind hooves, hence the apparent "legwarmers" on her front legs. She is clumsy as well, and has a tendency to break things inadvertently, but has a good heart. Aspen is also quite a clever craftspony and surprisingly talented with a number of hoofticrafts.

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Aspen's creator is a female lurker who is never seen on 4chan, but sees and hears all. Mostly. Some of the time.

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