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Asteria is very cheerful and loves to help others. In a way, she is a contrast to the more solemn Lapis Lazuli.


Asteria was born to a small family in a rural village. She was an only child and had no cousins. She spent most of her time planning things out and had little time to have fun. Despite that, she had many friends, simply because she was fun to be around. One day, when she was 13, a traveler by the name of Lapis Lazuli came through town asking questions. He was fascinated by the fact that ponies with so little could still be happy. Asteria of course was very helpful and explained that it didn't matter if they were rich or not, because just having safety and each other mattered. A day later, Lapis Lazuli was making plans to leave for his next quandary. In the middle of his packing, Asteria approached him with the offer of being his assistant. Surprised that anypony would want to leave such a happy place, he simply asked why. Asteria proclaimed that her home would always be her, and she could always return. She saw Lapis Lazuli as a chance to see the world. Seeing no problem with that logic, he agreed. With that, Asteria said goodbye to her little village and went with Lapis Lazuli.

Other Info

Asteria is the faithful assisant of Lapis Lazuli. She thinks of Lapis as an older brother. She is usually the one to jot down notes for him.

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