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Example of how the Atlantis Kingdom looks like.

The Atlantis Kingdomis an island on the coast of Equestria. It is rules by Princess Aqua . It is the home of the Sea Ponies.


The Atlantis Kingdom was first discovered by Daring Do during one of her adventures. To her surprise, there were ponies living on the island already.


Atlantis Palace[]

The palace where all the rulers of the Atlantis Kingdom live/lived. Right now, Princess Aqua, Prince Sharko, and Prince Marine live there.

Pacific Plaza[]

The marketplace for sea ponies.

Aqua Library[]

The kingdom's library and the only one on the island. It is named after their princess.

Sharko Square[]

Where the sea ponies have their festivals. It is named after one of their princes.

Ocean Bottom Spa[]

The spa for the sea ponies.


Sea Ponies[]

The Sea Ponies are Earth Ponies who turn into merponies when they go in water.


The Breezies and Sea Ponies are good friends.


The Sea Ponies have trained the Parasprites to not gobble up everything in sight, so now the Sea Ponies keep them as pets.


The Water Dance[]

The Sea Ponies have a dance late at night. They gather in a circle and dance. The dancing of the Sea Ponies make the water from the ocean twirl and move around. All this is for their princess.

River Race[]

The race is for the Atlantis Kingdom fillies. They fillies race in the Goldfish River (which isn't deep) and run wherever the water runs.


Sea Ponies have water related names.


  • Water is the most important element in the Atlantis Kingdom.