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Gaius Atiius “Atticus” Lepidus





Cutie Mark

S.P.Q.E. [Senate and People of Equestria]


Town Gaurd


Gaius Atiius “Atticus” Lepidus


A White-furred Earth pony, usually found wearing a Roman centurion helmet. However, on the rare occasions when his helmet is off, he has long light brown hair that is pulled back into a ponytail. He has a large brown tail and is of average height. Hazel eyes.


Always trying to hide behind a pokerface of a gruff, rough-and-tumble sergeant. Atticus at first seems shallow, hardheaded and single-minded. However this is due to his job, which always requires him to play tough-pony.

He holds the law and justice in high regard. Having both studied and carried out law, he is qualified to be a defense attorney. However, he will defend any pony in the court of law, even if he was the one who arrested them. When serving as a temporary lawyer, he is quick-witted and a suprisingly good public speaker.

Atticus very rarely let's his "softer" side through. However, when it does. It shines [to him] embaressingly. He is able to play an aray of instruments: The Erhu, The Violin, the accordian, acoustic guitar, and the piano. [All of which he is embaressesd to play in the public, due to it not being the kind of thing "a guard should do".] When out of his military mindset, he becomes pleasent, pacifist, sensitive, and to some degree, almost fatherly. His job, however, has deprived him of most romantic skills and social skills. Which leaves him cautious, timid, and unable to quite figure out mares.

Alternate Ego

When the chance arises, Atticus will sometimes slip out of parties/galas/weddings. And return [often dramatically] as his alternate ego. Known as the "Pony of the Opera" This ego serves as a vessal for Atticus to be everything he wishes to be: Devilishly charming, smart, and mysterious. When entering/crashing a party, he enters to the fanfare of the Phantom of the Opera. Usually in the most dramatic, attention grabbing way possible. He will then attempt to woo a mare, and make his escape.


Born West-side Fillie-dalphia, he grew up relatively poor in an earth-pony community. He dosn't remember his father too much, and was raised by his two uncles. He dropped out of pony-school when the S.P.Q.E. cutie mark appeared on his flank. Naturally, he quickly went of and joined the Equestrian guard. After a confrontation with a Chimera, he became an involuntary town hero. He quickly packed up and settled on the edge of the Evergreen Forest. Maintaining his job via a short walk into town.


Swordplay, speech and debate, manual labor, motivational speaking, sprinting [galloping], basic scholastic abilities, music [Erhu, Violin, Piano, accordian, guitar, singing], poetry, History, Law, and gardening [Orchids].


  • Without armor.
  • His Alternate Ego: "The Pony of the Opera" The horn is part of the mask.
  • Dressed up as Sun Ce, hair is able to be seen.
  • Guard uniform.
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