Bronies Wiki
Autumn Leaf
Kind Pegasus
Sex Mare
Occupation Jewel Farmer
Eyes Light blue
Mane Redd and yellow
Coat Red brown
Nicknames Leafy (Wings Freeair and Codre)

Fall Leaf (Rads Waste)

Relatives Rads Waste (Brother)
Friend Wings Freeair (Best friend)

Codre (Very special somepony) Pumpkina Sweet (Friend)

Cutie mark
A triangular gem
Owner Teromine12


Autumn Leaf was adopted into Rads Waste family right after she was born. She grew up playing with Rads and hanging around Codre, who soon introduced her to Wings Freeair. Wings started to play pranks with Codre and Autumn, she would put them in tight places or lock them in a room together. She soon noticed that she had gained feelings for Codre, and she noticed the same with him.

Soon she gained her cutie mark when she started got extremely angry, she started to kick rocks in extremely hard. She noticed she (almost) had the strength of a earth pony, she kept on kicking the rock until it did not compress anymore. When she turned to see what she has done to the rock, she saw it had turned into a beautiful leaf brown gem. She turned around and saw that her cutie mark was indeed the same gem.

Her Daily Life[]

She mainly stays at the farming jewels. She stays at a ranch near Ponyvile, so she can still see her friends and Codre. Every month she goes into town to sell the gems she manged to grow, the main buyer is Rarity but there is others that need the jewels. When she sees spike, she always give him a gem or jewel to eat.

When she is not at the ranch she hangs out with her friends, mostly doing favors or just having fun with them. Sometimes she refuses to do anything, the main thing she refuses to do is get any samples for her brother, Rads Waste, unless it has something to do with her talents.