Avogadro pony


Yellow/Electric blue


White/Electric blue


Completely white


Psychic Pegasus

Cutie mark

Lightning bolt

Special talent

Conducting electricity

Powers & abilities

Advanced flyer & Electromancer



Avogadro is a psychic Pegasus who was created by Discord. He represents Discord's love of chaos, as his elemental power to control electricity shows a clash of weather. He can conduct electricity at will, being his special talent. His age is unknown, though it is around one thousand years as his creation anniversary was around the time the elements of harmony imprisoned his creator. He travels Equestria from time to time when thunderstorms occur, though it's not often so he spends most of his time on storm clouds in the Everfree forest. His arch nemesis is an alicorn by the name of Azure Scythe.


Avogadro is often looked upon as a soulless being, as he does not talk or feel emotion. He causes destruction wherever he goes if given the chance until something more powerful stops him no matter the price. He only obeys those who prove themselves superior to him.


Being an electromancer, Avogadro can control electric forces and conduct them at will, as well as embody himself as lightning for travel. He is a higly skilled flyer, being one os the only Pegasai to reach super sonic speeds, as well as making his own sonic boom, the sonic voltaicrack.

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