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Ayah ID
Kind Falcon
Sex Male
Owner Carmen Descant
Eyes Black
Colors Light amberish gray body and
dark grayish gamboge wings
Nicknames Aya, yah
User Owner Pandora

Ayah is Carmen Descant's pet falcon. He was originally going to be Rainbow Dash's pet, but is chosen over by Tank and later adopted by Carmen.


Ayah likes to show off and always seeks to get Carmen's attention, and is willing to race with anyone. He is shown to not care much about others, except his owner.


Ayah was one of the various animals competing to be Rainbow Dash's pet during May the Best Pet Win!. After Rainbow Dash chose Tank, Ayah flew off to the Everfree Forest and eventually encountered Carmen Descant. Seeing how lonely he was, Carmen told Ayah that he could come with her. Ayah then followed Carmen to her cottage and was adopted as her pet.