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AzureFlame V2.2
Kind Alicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Author

Storyteller, Alchemist, Mage, Theif (formerly), Assassin (formerly), General (formerly),

Eyes Strong blue violet
Mane Strong persian blue
Coat Deep blue violet
Nicknames Azure


Relatives N/A
Magic aura Deep blue
Cutie mark
Cutie Mark1.3 AzureFlame
Navy Blue and Black Flame
Owner User:OfficialAzureFlame

"I wont lie, I am a Monster" - AzureFlame reflecting on his past

AzureFlame (formerly known as DarkFlame) is a author and  part-time story-teller, originally a leader of a Dark army.


AzureFlame origins are limited only to his knowledge, he claims to be from a hellish-like landscape where he used to serve under a Dark Goddess, where he and other people of this land were not of equine spiecies, but of humanoid creautres. Though humans resided in a world of the same dimension, these creatures are referred to be called "Vampires", "Werewolves" and "Demons", there is proof of all of this which is gladly forgotten by others so they can carry on with their normal lives as if the 'war' never happened. He, however, is reluctant to forget, as he blames himself for the disaster he caused.

AzureFlame now works at either Golden Oaks Library, the Canterlot Library, or the Crystal Empire Library (depending which location he is) as a story-teller, where he tells stories to foals, most of Adventure, Fantasy and Sci-fi genre, and tells the occaisional story he wrote himself or of stories of his homeland. When he is not telling stories, he looks into history and magic books, wanting to know even more about the History of Equestria and how to use Equestrian magics so he can fit in more.

Aside from writing and storytelling, he is obsessed and fascinated in mixing and brewing potions and toiling with magics (including dark magic). In herblore Azure combines different herbs together along with few other unusual ingredients, unfourtunetly he can end up stressing out the florists when asking for herbs that don't even exsist in Equestria (not under the same name atleast, or not at all), some of the herbs even Zecora has never even heard of.


Although seeming quiet, solitary and unsocialable at first, Azure will gladly converse with anyone he seems to have taken liking too. Listening intently or constantly chats on and on,


AzureFlame lives in two residents:

First being a small house outside Ponyville, one room, with a bed, cooking pot, fireplace, bookselves, table, three chairs, alchemical bench, and a ladder leading up to a storage shelf.

Second being his own room in Canterlot castle, with a single bed, bookself, table, chair, wash basin and a balcony looking over the gardens.

Personally AzureFlame prefers his home in Ponyville as it doesn't feel too 'royale'.