Azure Scythe
Azure Scythe alicorn


Azure blue







Cutie Mark

Scythe & Protractor

Special Talent

Angling Scythe

Powers & abilities

Able to fly, use magic, and is a photamancer


Prince Morsaria(Father), Cynthia(Mother), Celestia, Twilight Velvet(Distant Aunts), Nightlight(Distant Uncle), Cadence, Blueblood, Shining Armor & Twilight Sparkle(All Distant Cousins)

Azure Scythe is an alicorn pony who was born during a rebelious time of Equestria. He is the son of Cynthia and Prince Morsaria. His wings are hidden through a spell used during his mother's pregnancy to shield him of the rebels against the royal family. Currently, he lives in a loft in Manehattan. His cutie mark is a scythe aligned with a protractor, his special talent being that he can angle his scythe with precision. His age is not known, though it is somewhere close to and if not older than one thousand years old.


Azure has taken several trips out of the environment he lives in, and he has been emotionally perplexed. He leads a hermit like life style, though he is a good judge of character. He has thought hard about it, and decided that he may indeed die for someone worthy of honoring.


Upon close inspection, Azure seems to be a regular unicorn, however, he is secretly an alicorn. His wings are revealed through bright lights. He has an agitating spell that causes him to glow so bright that everypony in the room is blinded, and makes an eerie sound that can make one's ears bleed. Other than these facts he is rather advanced in magic, and is an average flyer. His special talent is angling his scythe with precision to cut it, whether it is cutting grass or flesh.

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