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ba55 b34t in his work attire

BA55 B34T is a rather skittish and socially awkward earth pony who works in shipping certain chemicals to the rainbow factory but he does not really know whats happens there when he's not working overtime just for his daily bread he's busy rushing through town trying to avoid as much contact with any other pony as possible to get home and make his under-rated music


before he became a rainbow factory shipper he was born to a wealthy family in manehatten but was pressured by his parents to be something he did'nt want to be so he moved to ponyville where he became a musician who got a fair amount of fans but got a bad rep when DJ p0n3 moved in on the local scene after this he had a break down and was recruited be the rainbow factory to do the dirty work of shipping the neccesary chemicals for rainbow fabrication

relations to other ponys[]

he just blends into the crowd and when ever some pony confronts him he will either make an excuse to leave or just leg it out there

because of his paranoid tendancys most ponys try to ignore him however when the ponyville guards came looking around the houses for a thief he attacked both of them due to them " breaking into his sanctuary " he was given a tax of 2000 bits but couldn't pay it back as such he does his best to avoid the royal guard


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