Hello, this is a page dedicated to a very special pony, Baconetta. Here are some dot-points about her.

  • Baconetta was created by Johnn Pickles, a toy pony hair stylist, custom maker (He's really, really good!) and huge brony, and became famous on a Brony group on facebook.
  • I have created a facebook group about her: Baconetta Fan Group. Here's the link:
  • Here's my description I'm putting on most Australian Brony Groups: Hey guys, I'm a simple folk from Victoria, Australia, and I have created a group about a Bacon pony my friend made, I need much more members and drawings (there is a picture as the group picture you can look at). So please join!!! Here's the link (Yes, again. I'm very pushy): I'm also only 12.

Please become a member and make the Baconetta Fan Group a successful group!


We have finally got our 50 members!

Here are some pictures of her (And her Cutie Mark):
  • Baconetta
  • Baconetta's Cutie Mark
  • Baconetta
  • Baconetta

See? What a sexy mare.

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