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Bassline== Bassline is a calm, collective go to kind of colt. He is trust worthy and is always there for his friends whenever they need help. Bassline is also owner of a music store in Ponyville known as "Music Matters". Whenever he isnt working the shop he can be usually found helping other ponies around the town. Wether its helping Pinkie pie pass out party invites or helping repaint the Apple Family barn, Bassline will be sure to be there.


Bassline is typically very friendly and is always starting up new conversations with others. Bassline is also a very hardworking pony who will give his A-game to get the job at hand done. Although he may work hard he also is quite the party pony. Usually going by the quote "work hard then party hard." You can usually find him at all the hip get togethers around equestria .

Realationships with the Mane 6 and other ponies

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight and Bassline have a very close friendship and usually spend time together looking up different star constelations or giving her moral support when she is trying out new spells. Twilight will also tend to visit Bassline's store if only to organize the instruments by type or name.


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