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Big Blue
Big Blue
Big Blue looking happy
Kind Alicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Peace Maker
Nicknames Big Boss, Boss
Relatives Mr. Stopwatch (younger brother)
Resident Boss Wing (In zodiac temple)
Magic Color Green
Cutie mark
Voice Pending
Owner User: PandoraStar411

Big Blue is the leader of the Zodiac Heads and the older brother of Mr. Stopwatch.


Big Blue isn't his real name. It's just a cover up so he can forget his past. His real name is Wonder Gate.


He's very loving and sweet. Everybody loves him because he's so enthusiastic.


He can do many things but they all require unicorn magic rather then his wings.


Mr. Stopwatch: He wants to make things the way things should be with his brother, but he knows that Stopwatch is forever his enemy.

Zodiac Heads: He doesn't have much of a relationships with the Zodiacs, but he only speaks to them whenever there is something important to discuss, or if he is bringing a message to them.