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Cutie Mark

Black and pink thunder crushing


A Pegasus who lives in a creepy, old-looking house placed directly on the river in the Everfree Forest. She is one of ponies who openly oppose Princess Celestia. She has great, ninja-like fighting abilities. She is friends with Dragon Moon.


BladeRush is a very ironical, or sarcastic pony and somewhat a psychopath. She loves being rude, as it makes her resistant to any psyhical harm. With her actor abilities she can greatly suppress her real feelings, as well as hide her real purposes. She is pretty much a punk, as she easily rages when anybody tries to control her in any way, and when shes raged she's far more aggressive than usually. She is sassy to her foes, despite their community position. She is also preety suspicious, even to her close friends, being very careful if they aren't betraying her or something.


BladeRush was born in the same house where she lives today. Her mother was an adventurer from Cloudsdale, who had flight the whole Equastria and even behind it. While exploring the Everfree Forest she surprisingly gave a birth to BladeRush. After it, she abandoned her adventuros hobby and setteled down in her wathing hideout, which she later changed into a two storey building. BladeRush was an overenergetic filly who quickly learned to fly and started to love doing hazardus things (like flying into anthills). One day, during the storm she crushed in hight speed into the ground, gaining her cutie mark. However, not long later after her 2-th birthday her mother died from an unnown disease. When left alone in such a dungerous place, BladeRush learned to slay most of monsters leaving in the Everfree, additionaly greatly increasing her skill of seeing in the dark and flying. Later, being 14 or something she desired to become immortal. She started searching the whole Everfree, but only thing she found was a bar of metal-like material.

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BladeRush had dyed her coat from purple to black

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