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Blank Canvas

"Somepony may do something better than me. But I'm okay with it. You know why? Because I look at what I did and realise that I'm lucky to be able to do the things I've done." - Blank Canvas

Physical Description[]

Blank Canvas has blue fur and a black short and curly mane. She has a long and wavy tail and dark brown eyes with dark red glasses. Her cutie mark is a paintbrush and pencil crossed together. She is also a unicorn.


Blank Canvas is a very shy mare at first, but once you get to know her, she opens up and is weirder and crazier. She enjoys drawing, writing, reading, making friends, singing, and listening to music. She unconditionally despises rude and whiny ponies and ponies who bother and tease her. She is absolutely terrified of heights, death, and spiders.  She truly does care for her friends, but she can be paranoid and worry that they don't feel the same for her. She said it herself once: 

"I love being friends with you, I really do! You might be mean sometimes, but everyone has those days! It's just that you're really nice and kind and we can relate to each other! But I know that I'm sort of clingy and I worry that I'm being too clingy and you don't feel the same way and you won't like me anymore and I'm really sorry...!"(Blank Canvas to Snow Daze)

Even though she's really shy and can be a little clingy, she's still an overall nice friend to have around.



Dewdrop (Father) and Cloud Palette (Mother)


Cloudstreak (Older Brother)


Snow Daze, Adrenaline, Peach Swirl


Juniper, Snowmint


Amethyst, Rosebud