Blazing Flare is a fire-orange pony who plans to turn Equestria into a lava-filled wasteland.

Blazing Flare
Kind Pony
Sex Male
Eyes Red (turns blue and fire-shaped if angry)
Mane Black
Coat Red
Cutie mark
Owner RandomzSunfish23901


  • An orange pony with a spiky mane and red eyes. His whole underside is black and he wears a black collar of sorts. His tail is not very fluffy and closely resembles fire.


  • Not much is known about Blazing Flare. What is known is that Blazing Flare loved the heat at a young age and usually got severe tans.


Fire Magic

  • Blazing Flare can produce fire through his eyes, nose and hooves, as he is just a normal pony, unlike his sister.


  • Blazing Flare is brash, stubborn, but most importantly, evil. Not much else is known about him or his relationships.


Royal Essence

  • He hates her, despite the two being brother and sister.
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