Princess Blessed Tempest

Blessed Tempest ID

BT Filly

Kind Alicorn
Sex Filly/Mare
Occupation Student, Princess
Eyes Moderate cerise
Mane Very dark gray
Moderate heliotrope (streak)
Coat Light mulberryish gray
Nicknames Bess
Relatives Mairwen (Mother)
Rumble (Father)
Gold Light (Grandfather)
Snow Charm (Grandmother)
Thunderlane (Uncle)
Feathermay (Aunt)
Residence Las Pegasus
Magic aura Pale light grayish violet
Cutie mark
Owner Sabregust & Astralfleur
Princess Blessed Tempest is the daughter of Princess Mairwen and Prince Rumble , after the events of My Little Pony: The Story of Sabregust . She is the Princess of Storms, therefore, her job is to protect ponies in storms, yet allow the calmness of the rain heal the Earth. She lives with her parents in Las Pegasus, and is tutored by her godparent, Princess Lorikeet



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