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Blind Charm

Blind Charm

Kind Unicorn


Sex Female
Occupation Charm Family
Eyes Vivid cerise
Mane Moderate fuchsia with Black and Moderate purple stripes
Coat Moderate blue
Nicknames Blindie
Relatives Toxic Charm (brother)

Silver Bell (sister-in-law) Darling Luxury ( future niece)

Magic Aura Strong cerise
Personality selfless,kind,misunderstood,warm ,cheerful,friendly
Cutie mark
Blindie CM
Owner PartyPoppets


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  "-Toxic Charm is all about Dark Magic."-Blind Charm talking to Shining Fire

Blind Charm is a female unicorn pony,the cadet sister of Toxic Charm .

General Info


Blind charm have a dark blue coat with a long fushia mane with lavender and black stripes.She have similarly colored eyes.


Unlike her name state and most of her family, Blind use her magic for good but had trouble controlling it since her magic is used to make bad.She is warm, cheerful, friendly, sweet and selfless.

Abilities and Skills


Like all unicorns she can control magic, but since all of her ancestors were bad magicians, she can only make bad magic.But in Reunite or Separate, she finally persuade her tribute to do good magic.


Toxic Charm

Toxic Charm, Blind's older brother is bragging a lot after marrying Silver Bell. She and Glass Thread doesn't seem to like their older sibling wedding.


Family relation

See Family

Equestria Lights

Silver Bell

Blind have a pretty bitter relationship with the wealthy Silver Bell, probably because of her marrying Toxic Charm, the "worst stallion some pony can marry or have as a sibling." In Reunite or Separation, she finally calm down her bitter relation with her

Peridot Shimmerlight


Twinkle Swirls

Blind Charm is furious that she do not have a spirit of the Equestria Lights.She ordered Twinkle to create a element for her without any reasons. Twinkle was pretty furious to.When Blind finally discover that she made a Alicorn Princess furious, she said that she gonna leave Ponyville,but Twinkle Swirls said that was also her fault,since she didn't explained the Equestria Lights to Blind.Finally, the Lights created a fake element for Blind pleasure.

Shining Fire

She and Shining Fire are friends and have the same opinions about Toxic Charm wedding.

Appearance in the Next Generation series

Blind Charm never made a apparition in the Next Generation, but the Charm family is replaced with the Penumbra Family.

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