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Blood Clot is a bat-winged Pegasus.

Blood Clot Pony

Idea of what Blood Clot looks like


Blood Clot is a crimson pegasus with black hair that fades to red. He has bat wings instead of feathered and has black hooves. Unlike most ponies, Blood Clot has sharp teeth and a pair of fangs. Blood Clot is not stable, he is usually seen snickering or laughing hysterically for no apparent reason. Blood Clot enjoys terrifying others and even more so, he enjoys devouring other ponies. Blood Clot is a cannibal and his enjoys eating younger ponies, because they hare more tender than older ponies.

Unlike other Pegasus, Blood Clot can preform some magic. He was infused with the magic from eating Unicorn horns over the years. He can control blood and revive deceased ponies, which may have been how Rotten Peach and Rancid Milk came about. He commands a small army of zombie ponies.


Blood Clot's past is hazy, all that is known was at some point he went insane. He now collects ponies, living or dead, for his companions' experiments. He works as a Necromancer but is usually seen sampling the experiments as he is working. However he isn't very good at this job because he usually eats the bodies. Blood Clot has been in hiding somewhere beyond Equestria but has returned when the Crystal Empire was freed from King Sombra.


  • Blood Clot was created to replace Jasper since Jasper turned good and sided with Aniju and Ivory.