Blue flare bio by bigdream64-d5co32t

Blue Flare

Blue Flare is a fan made school age colt created by deviantART user: BigDream64.

Blue Flare is a school age colt who's very energetic, and very fun to hang around. He became a member of the Cutiemark Crusaders ever since he met Scootaloo, and they both immidiately had a crush on each other.

Flare often likes to shread on his skateboard and show off his daring moves to other ponies who seem interested. For some reason, Diamond Tiara has a crush on Blue Flare, but seeing on how spoiled and rotten she is, he wants no interest in her.

Flare often is extremely afraid of talking to an audience no matter how big it may be. That may explain why he was so shy and quiet since he first joined Ponyville's school.

Although he likes ponies for admiring his handsome looks and personalilites, he has a tendancy to become defensive when it comes to helping his friends, or when someone makes fun of Scootaloo. For some reason, he hates being called "Cute".

He and Scootaloo actually kissed more than once before.

Blue Flare's original design (Made by generalzoi's pony creator)

Rumor has it that he's asthmatic, and the creator of him may make a fan fic that focuses on that.

The creator of the character stated that he was originally going to not let Flare fly as well, but with an artwork that was drawn by deviantART user: brighteyespegasi, he was motivated to have Flare fly. It is unknown if he will give Flare a cutiemark, but he stated that when the Cutiemark Crusaders get their cutiemarks, he will find time and effort to give him his as well.

Flare was, according to the creator, a darker Blue, and a shoter tail. But was changed to a lighter blue, and longer tail.

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