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Blues Jam
Blues jam V2 With hat
Blues Jam
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male
Eyes Brilliant red
Mane Black
Coat Dark gray
Cutie mark
Music notes
Owner User:heavymetalbronie

Blues Jam is the lead guitarist for the band Viver. He's also the ponysona of Heavymetalbronie

His Life[]

His cutie mark came when he first strung together some chords on an oucustic guitar that he'd been given for his birthday. Ever since he's made it his lifelong goal to become a musician.

During high school, he managed to get his dream band Viver off the ground 

After Viver[]

After the release of viver's third sucessful album and the equally succesful tour that followed, Blues announced to the band that he'd been working on a new band behind closed doors and that he was going to give Viver up. 

Blues shortly after departing- "It's been great playing with Viver. I've had the  in Viver and then some, but I feel it's time to move on for me. I told my fellow band members about what I'm doing and they seem cool with it, if probably a little annoyed that I didn't tell them about (band name here) prior to us doing the last Viver album and tour." 

After Viver announces it's disbanded 2 months after Blues' departure- "It kinda shocked me at first, I thought they'd go on without me but it seems they didn't want to. I don't know why this is though, they seemed pretty enthusiastic about continuing the band but I'm sure they have a good reason for it. They're preserving the legacy in some way If you think about it, 'cause everyone will remember Viver for it being the five of us and the awesome music we created together.


Favorite songs[]

Extreme- Decadence dance, get the funk out, it's a monster, Pornografitti (Both the song and album) and more than words


Motley Crue-

Gun's 'n' Roses-